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New Studio Location
Posted by Greg on 2015-12-06
Hey, we are excited to announce we have moved from Auburn to Pacific Wa. We are in the middle of building a new studio that will have a stage area for live recordings and band practice space. The new studio is going to be bigger and better with a lot more versatility. We will have a tuned room that should have a great sound for both recording and live practice. we are probably looking at a month or two before completion, so stay tuned for updates!!! warm studio recording in washington

Chuck Dunlap CD Project Update
Posted by Greg on 2013-05-22
Here is what has been happening with Chuck Dunlap's new CD: All tracks are complete and songs are in the mix-down and then to the mastering department for the final touches. This CD is going to be great and if you are a Chuck Dunlap fan this one will be one of the nices additions to your collection of Chucks songs. We should be complete sometime nest month and at that time I will post some short samples of the songs so that you can get a feel for the CD before purchasing one from Chuck.

Chuck Dunlap Videos
Posted by Member on 2013-02-17
Check out this Video of Chuck's past song from years ago!

High Desert
Posted by Greg on 2012-12-29
We have been working on a project for Chuck Dunlap. It is his new 12 song CD. The project is moving along and is probably about 50% completed at this time. We are hoping to complete the project within the next few months, so stay tuned for updates and some Demo's of completed songs as we complete them.

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